Monday, August 30, 2010

The New Elevator Speech

By: Chad Cohen

The elevator pitch since the dawn of marketing has typically been a one way, rapid-fire exchange of bullet points resulting in a hurried attempt to dig a business card out of your wallet before the un-engaging experience quickly ends. It’s about as much fun as forced conversation with the hefty guy sitting in the middle seat on the red-eye back from the West Coast. It’s uncomfortable, but you feel obliged to half pay attention because your mama raised you to be polite.

Well, times have changed. Enter the smartphone, well iPhone in my case. I started drinking the Apple Kool-Aid a couple years ago. The power is in every small business owners or franchisor’s hands. Imagine taking that lame 2-minute speech about your organization or project and condensing it into an animated, interactive video rich experience that illustrates what you’re really about.

What a smartphone does is take a normally boring conversation and transform it into an immersive, value-added event for both the recipient and the narrator. It’s a quick short burst of information in a format that today’s entrepreneur is comfortable and accustomed to receiving information in.

Critical to success is the ability to take the content of your presentation and quickly email or upload it to whomever you might be talking to. Remember though, your smartphone is not a hard product sell, but a means to reinforce the conversation you might be having. In today’s social-tech world, whipping out your smartphone to prove a point will seem like a natural extension of the conversation and not as forced as dumping a folder or a scrunched up business card into somebody’s lap.

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