Monday, December 20, 2010

Managing Micromanaging

By: Chad Cohen

By their very nature, entrepreneurs are doers. While others are planning, entrepreneurs are out there taking action. The same applies to franchising. The problem is that often the drive for a franchisee to get it done can potentially become a hindrance over time. It’s that shift from “doing” to “leading” that regularly gets in the way.

Most entrepreneurs, and for good reason, are addicted to making sure things get done the right way. It is more than likely how they became successful in the first place.

However, serious micromanaging can be a downward spiral for any franchise or small business. It can lead to dissension among the ranks. The key for any successful entrepreneur is to hire the right people you trust to get the job done and actually let them do it. It’s definitely not an easy task for someone who probably got to where they are by doing it all themselves. You can only go as far as your team will take you. Thankfully at Fish Consulting, we all play great in the sandbox together. It's really a chemistry thing when it comes down to it.

Old habits are often hard to break. I know that firsthand, but luckily there are a few tips that entrepreneurs can take to heart to avoid micromanaging too much. I’ve certainly had to adopt a few. You might be surprised by how much a difference it can make to your team and how much more they will feel vested in their jobs.

  • Focus on communication
  • Don’t be a production bottleneck
  • Avoid excessive monitoring
  • Commit to a work-life balance
  • Steer clear of dictating time
  • Most of all - have fun

Bottom line - a good manager is someone who trusts their team, remembers they are part of a collective whole and leads by example. It’s something that I work on every day and encourage all the franchisees we work with to do the same.

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