Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Staying Mobile - Is that a Hot Spot in Your Pocket?

By: Chad Cohen

We're always on the move. It's the nature of business these days, especially in public relations and marketing. Add franchising on top of that and you know you've seen your fair share of hotels, conferences, airport lounges and the inside of a coffee shop for a quick 5-minute Wi-Fi fix.

Sure, a high speed 4-G connection on your phone is great, but how about full blown access to the web wherever you go for all of your devices - or even with other users?

Mobile providers like Verizon and Sprint are offering just that with these credit card devices that turn a 3G/4G connection into a Wi-Fi signal that can be shared by multiple devices no matter where you are - an airport, in a client's office, on a train, or eating dinner at the Marriott's bar.

Devices and deals vary by carrier, but expect to be paying at least $35 for around 3GB of data. You want more, then you have to pay.

Some more sophisticated smartphones are also getting into the game as well. Many can now share their 3G/4G connections with others via Wi-Fi for an additional cost.

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