Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beating the Back to Work Blues

By: Stephanie Goldman

Surprisingly as I’m writing this, I’m not tired, I don’t have horrible bags under my eyes (errr…maybe, but makeup can tackle that genetically gifted feature of mine) and I’m not stressed out. I thought I’d find myself sad and sleepless my first week coming back to work after an extended maternity leave, but thankfully I have a kick in my step. Well, yes, my four month old bundle of joy is already sleeping 12 hours which certainly helps, but my careful planning for a smooth transition has paid off. I think this rite of passage all working mothers are faced with can be seamless if we follow some simple steps we always read about on the baby blogosphere! In my case, here is what worked:

·         Find dependable child care. Whether you choose day care, a nanny or a family member – look for a trustworthy and safe environment for your little one. Start the search early on and begin your new routine before you go back to work to ensure you’re comfortable with your decisions.  
·         Talk to your boss.  Get a heads up on what you’ll be digging into once you are back. That way, you are not caught off guard if you are suddenly given new projects or assignments.
·         Get your return date on the books. Let your colleagues know when you’ll be returning so they too can begin to loop you into the account work.
·         Inquire about a flexible schedule. Maybe working from home on occasion, or utilizing flex times might benefit your growing family.

I followed these tips, and it also helps that I have a fabulous boss and wonderful co-workers! They sent me numerous emails sharing their excitement upon my return, and I think that made it exciting to walk back in the door.  Most importantly, take it slow when you come back, the first few weeks may be tough getting reacquainted. It is impossible to start immediately where you left off, but be patient. You’ll eventually get right back in the swing of things! Now I just hope my colleagues don’t get sick of all the baby photos and videos I keep sending them! But he is so cute, don’t you agree?!

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